How do I install software on additional computers?

If you want to add a device to your subscription to share with your family:

1. Login to your Total Defense Account

  • Note: Be sure to login from the additional device you want to install the product on

account login screen

2. Download Software

  • Click the Download button next to your listed subscription to start the download.
    download product from account dashboard screen
  • ...then click on the "Download" button under the operating system that you're installing to

    Download Center

3. Install Software

  • Save the file to a known location.
  • Double click the saved file and follow the prompts to install the product.
  • After installation, follow any additional prompts to register the product.

More detailed instructions for particular systems here:

How to install Total Defense Anti-Virus for (Mac)
How to install Total Defense Mobile Security (Android)
How to install Total Defense Internet Security (PC)

If you need to remove unused devices before you add a devices to a subscription please see our How to deauthorize a computer through an existing subscription article for instructions.

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