How to restore an Online Backup

Follow the directions to restore selected files from your online backup to your local device.

1. Click the "Backup" icon

  • from within the Total Defense Console or the Navigation on the left


2.  Click the "Restore" button


3.  Click the "Browse" button to change where the files download to

  • Use the arrows on the left to navigate to where you want to download the folder/files
  • then click select


4. Select Files/Folders to restore

  • Navigate to the designated folder(s) you want to restore
  • put a check next to the folders/files you want restored

5. Click the "Restore" button

  • and wait for the files to be downloaded onto your device


Learn How to perform an online backup.

Note: This information pertains to online backup functionality for Total Defense Premium, Unlimited and Ultimate Internet Security Suite software.

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