What are the differences between the Quick/Full/Custom Scans

Quick scan

How to perform a Quick Scan

Quick scan searches only locations that are common hiding places for infections.

Quick scan is faster than a Full scan because of the limited number of locations scanned. It is recommended to run a quick scan when you want to quickly confirm if an infection just landed in your computer.

Full Scan

How to perform a Full Scan

Full scans search all areas of your computer, including boot sectors, hard drives and removable media such as ZIP drives, floppy drives and CD/DVD drives for Infections.

Full scans take longer than quick scans because of the larger number of locations scanned. It is recommended you do a full scan at least once every week.

Custom Scan

How to perform a Custom Scan

Custom scan enables you to select specific files and/or folders to scan for malware. Custom scan takes a longer time than Quick scan but less time than Full Scan. You would invoke this scan in scenarios like the below.

  • If you suspect few folders or files that are affected by recent changes.
  • If you want to scan only Windows files
  • If you want to scan only personal folders and/or files.
  • If you want to scan removable devices, like thumb drive, CD,  etc.

For all scans, once the scan is complete, the results will be displayed for you to review.

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