How to Clear Browser Pop-Ups

Technical support pop-up scams are a common online threat.  The pop-ups appear in your web browser, are difficult to close, and may include sounds such as warning sirens or a voice alerting you of danger. These pop-ups may claim to be from Microsoft, they may state things such as your computer has been blocked, or there are many viruses or general malfunctions of your device.


These pop-ups are not traditional viruses, they are a web page designed to spread fear and confusion in an attempt to exploit users and gain access to their device. They generally provide you with a toll free number to call for assistance where the scammer will inform you of an alleged problem with your device and request remote access to solve the issue. Once in your device the scammer can install viruses, steal personal information, and even password protect the device preventing you from accessing it.


We highly recommend that you do not call the number on the screen, do not provide them remote access to your device, and do not give them your credit card number or any personal information.


These pop ups can be removed by clearing the browser cache and resetting the browser’s settings. The method for achieving this varies based on the browser, instructions for the most common browsers are listed below.


Microsoft Edge


Microsoft Internet Explorer


Google Chrome


Mozilla Firefox





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