Account Privacy Feature on Android

Account Privacy detects if any data leakage has occurred in the accounts you use for making online payments, shopping, or signing in different apps or websites. The data that may be stored into an account can be passwords, credit card information, or bank account information, and, if not properly secured, identity theft or invasion to privacy may occur.

All you need to do to check the privacy status of your account is to add an e-mail address and validate that it belongs to you. You will then see if the e-mail address is safe or if it was part of any leaks, along with more details.

If leaks are found in any of your accounts, we recommend changing their password as soon as possible.


1.  Open the Total Defense Mobile Security Center App and click on the 3 dots at the bottom right



2.  Select Account Privacy



3.  Tap on "Add Account"



4.  Input your email address and tap "Add"




5.  You will have received an email from with your validation code.  Input that code and tap "Validate"



6.  If you didn't receive the code in your inbox, make sure to check your spam folder as it could have been blocked.  If you don't see if it your spam, type in 5 random characters and tap "Validate" between 3-5 times.  You will have an option to resend the code.  

  • As an additional step, you can add the email " to your contacts list so that it isn't being blocked from your spam filter


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