How to install Total Defense Essential Anti-Virus

Below are instructions for first time installation of Total Defense Anti-Virus — for an existing product subscription see this article to install on additional devices.

1. Create your Account

login screen av

2. Account Setup

  • Complete the account setup page as shown below

account screen premium

3. Activate your Subscription

  • Input your activation code


4. Download the Software

  • Click on the Download button


  • This will open a dialog box. Save the file.

If you use Firefox, it will look like this:

Firefox save

Firefox File

If you use Chrome, it will look like this:

Chrome Download

If you use Internet Explorer, it will look like this:

IE Run

5. Allow the File time to Download / Extract

Extract Screen

Download Screen

6. Click "Install" and allow time for the product to install.

Install Screen

7. Click "Finish."

Finish Screen

8. Allow some time for the anti-malware signature files to download...

  • Then the Total Defense software installation will be complete and fully working on your computer.

Final Screen

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