Uninstall Other Anti-Virus

Installation of two security programs in the same computer could lead to system crashes, and performance issues.
So when installing Total Defense Anti-Virus, Total Defense Internet Security Suite, Total Defense Premium Internet Security, or Total Defense Unlimited Internet Security, the installation does a system check for other Anti-Virus products installed on your computer. If another Anti-Virus product is detected Total Defense will attempt a removal.  However in some cases we will not be successful and the installation will not proceed.  in those situation a manual unistall is required.  
To uninstall
In order to uninstall Anti-Virus software not made by Total Defense, we recommend you contact our technical support team for assistance.  You can email us here.
Additionally, below is our attempt to link you to vendor websites which will let you download an uninstaller for your anti-virus software.
  • The links and downloads referenced from this page are strictly intended to provide additional sources of information.
  • Total Defense will not be responsible for accuracy or completeness of information provided within the links on this page.
  • Total Defense will not be responsible for failure or incorrect results of uninstallers downloaded from these links.
 To uninstall an anti-virus product, click on the link associated with this software.
ESET Nod32
Symantec or Norton
WebRoot Antivirus :
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