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Mobile Security Privacy Adviser

Privacy Advisor relies on audit information from the Cloud to constantly offer up-to-date information about your Android apps.

Most apps are legitimate but there are also apps that can track your location, access and share your personal information. Privacy Advisor provides the facts, but ultimately you are the one who has to decide if an app is safe to use or not.

Use Privacy Advisor to find out more information about apps that:

● Access or upload your own address book contacts to their cloud

● May learn your real identity

● May be careless, sending your passwords over the Internet and putting your accounts at risk

● May use and upload your Device unique ID to analyze what you do

● Gather analytics in order to monitor you

● Track your location

● Display ads

● Can cost you money. Tap the "Filter" icon to view a list of the most important clues.

The following information is available in this list:

● Which apps send your identity or private data to strangers

● Which apps use very intrusive ads

● Which apps can cost you money

● Which apps track your location

● Which apps have access to sensitive data

● Which apps send data unencrypted

Privacy Score

By calculating a Privacy Score for each and every user, Privacy Advisor provides a precise and personal overview of how vulnerable you are, so that you can evaluate and take appropriate actions for each installed app. You should take care when your privacy score is low. If you have doubts about the permissions required by a certain application, try to find more information about it before you decide on whether or not to keep using it.

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