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Social Networking Protection

The Total Defense Internet Security Suite Social Networking Protection component provides you with information to help you to determine the safety of the links you visit in the social networking website. When you access a social networking website, the Link Advisor displays an easy-to-understand safety rating for each link.

When enabled, this feature is installed in your browser and it will analyze the various links of the social networking site and provide safety rating for each link.

Social Networking Protections works with the following Social Networking websites:

  1. Facebook
    • Sponsored Ads/Links ( H3 Tags)
    • Links available in User Posts

  2. YouTube
    • Links in comments section of Video

  3. Twitter
    • Timeline
    • Mentions
    • Re-tweets
    • Searches
    • List

  4. LinkedIn
    • User updates section
    • Ads

  5. My Space
    • User Updates

Note: Social Networking Protection works only when using Internet Explorer and Firefox

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