Web Protection Settings

 Web Protection

In this section, you can toggle the settings for Anti-Phishing, Social Networking, Privacy Guard, and Windows Firewall. 

Anti-Phishing Protection-Protects you from sites and emails from untrustworthy or malicious sites masquerading as legitimate to trick you into downloading attachments, or giving personal, or private information. 

Social Networking Protection-Checks the links on applications such as Facebook, to ensure safe browsing. 

Privacy guard and Windows Firewall have advanced sections that you can toggle. 

 Privacy Guard-Allows how much cached data, such as passwords, cached browser pages, url history, etc, you want save or delete after each browser session. If you want to toggle each individual setting. Open up the Advanced menu. 

Here, you can choose how often, and what to delete after each browsing session. 

Windows Firewall-Toggles windows firewall to on or off. If you open up the advanced section you can toggle which part of the windows firewall you would like to keep active. Click Advanced settings. 

You will now see a menu of options to toggle for Windows Firewall.

 Here you can choose, Enable Private, Enable Public, and Enable Domain Network Protection. 

Private Network is your network.

Public Network covers the Internet.

Domain Network covers the Private Intranet(business Internet).

Click Apply to save your changes. 

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