Mobile Security App Lock

Installed applications such as e-mails, photos, or messages, can contain personal data that you would like to remain private by selectively restricting access to them.

App Lock helps you block unwanted access to apps by setting a security PIN access code. The PIN code you set must be at least 4 characters long and is required every time you want to access the selected restricted applications.

Activating App Lock

To restrict access to selected applications, tap the App Lock icon from the Total Defense Mobile Security home screen.

Select the applications you want to protect and input a security PIN code. This code is required every time you want to access one of the restricted applications.

Note The same PIN code is used by Anti-Theft to help you locate your device.

App Lock Settings

Tap Settings in the App Lock feature menu for an advanced configuration of your App Lock. In App Lock Settings you can do the following:

● Configure App Lock to request your PIN every time protected apps are accessed; alternatively, you can set a 30-second timeout before the app requests the PIN again.

● Lock new installed applications notifications.

● Change your PIN code.



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