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How to run a Custom Scan

It's recommended, prior to performing any scans on your computer, that you make sure you have the most up to date version of your software. How to update Total Defense.

Running a Custom Scan enables you to select specific files and/or folders to scan for malware. You may use this scan for certain scenarios, like below:

  • If you suspect few folders or files that are affected by recent changes.
  • If you want to scan only Windows files
  • If you want to scan only personal folders and/or files.
  • If you want to scan removable devices, like thumb drive, CD,  etc.

1. Click the "Security" icon

  • from within the Total Defense Console or the Navigation on the left


2. Select "Custom Scan" button


3. Select Folders/Files then "Start Scan"

  • Then, select the folder(s) on the right and press "Start Scan"
  • Double click on the folders on the left to navigate to your desired folder(s).  Then, select the folder(s) on the right and press "Start Scan"


Note: This information pertains only to run custom scans on Total Defense Premium, Essential AV, Unlimited, Ultimate and Internet Security Suite software.



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