Total Defense v13 Release Notes -

Malware Scanner:

  • Shell Scan is now fully visualized in the management console
  • Removable drive scan is now fully visualized in the management console
  • Ability to request computer shutdown when scan is completes
  • Scan SDKs upgraded to their latest including fixes and improvements in the scanner
  • Improved Download Scanner notifications

Management Console:

  • Can be configured to restrict access to the 'Security'/'Devices' pages
  • Remote devices are now fully visualized
  • "Quick Scan" renamed to "System Scan"
  • Overview pages: now also shows scan progress in percentages
  • New customized report accumulates malware detection breakdown for a given interval

Web Filtering:

  • Malware web scanner block page now also specifies the list of blocked categories

Support Utility:

  • Has been rewritten with the same look and feel of the other UI components


  • Bug fixes
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