Activate Anti-Theft Web Control

To use our Total Defense Mobile Security Center's Anti-Theft features, open the Total Defense app on your android device and follow the steps shown below:

  • Tap "More" in the bottom right and tab "Anti-Theft"


  • Tap "Turn on"


  • Tap "Allow" to allow access for our app to view the devices location.


  • Tap "Turn On" and enable our Total Defense Mobile Security Center as a device admin.

*Note* your activation screen may look different




  • If you'd like to enable our Snapshot feature which takes a picture with the froward facing camera after 3 failed attempts, use the steps below:



  • Tap "Allow" so our app can take the pictures.  You can view the pictures from



  • Congratulations!  The Anti-Theft feature is now activated on your device and can be managed online at



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