How to use App Lock

Installed apps such as emails, photos, or messages, can contain personal data that you would like to remain private by selectively restricting access to them.  App Lock helps you block unwanted access to apps by setting a security PIN access code. The PIN code you set must be at least 4 digits long, but not more than 8, and is required every time you want to access the selected restricted apps. Alternatively, on devices that support fingerprint authentication, a fingerprint confirmation can be used instead of the configured PIN code.

1. Open Total Defense Mobile Security and open the App Lock feature.



2. Then, tap "Turn on" and select Total Defense Mobile Security.


3.  Tap on the switch to Allow usage tracking.


4. Choose the application you would like to lock and create a pin number.  The next time that app is open will prompt the user to input that pin code.  


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