How to clear pop-ups from Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge - A system gets effected with a browser redirect due to file sharing, downloads, e-mails and loading infected webpages. These kinds of redirects use scare tactics to get you to call their number and let them into the computer. You can rid yourself of these by clearing the cache of your web browsers and then restarting your computer.

Please use the steps below to clear the redirect from your device:

1. Open your Microsoft Edge application and open your Settings menu



 2. Select Privacy, search, and services towards the left 



3. Click on "Choose what to clear".

2023-10-16 10_01_01-Chat _ Ali Amin, Brandon Ratz, Carlos Feliz, +4 _ Microsoft Teams.png


4. Set the Time range to "All time", check mark each area and then click "Clear now"

2023-10-16 10_05_17-Settings and 4 more pages - Work - Microsoft​ Edge.png


5. When finished, restart your browser.


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