How To Install Total Defense Unlimited

If you need assistance with downloading any of the Total Defense products, please click here 

If you are running Windows 8.0, 8.1, or 10, please skip to step 3.

1)Total Defense requires .Net 4.0 and may need to install. If you encounter this step, select yes to install .Net: 


2) The computer will require reboot for .Net, select reboot now. 

3)After the reboot, select the green button to install.   

4) The software will do an initial quick scan for threats during installation. After the install, your screen will look like this. 


5) Click here to activate your support subscription. You will need your product key: 


6) After you have entered your product key, you will get a completion message for your subscription.

7) You are now fully licensed and installed. Congratulations!













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