Windows 10 Compatibility Information

Total Defense Windows 10 Compatibility

Total Defense version of Anti-Virus, Internet Security Suite, Premium and Unlimited are compatible with Windows 10.  All prior versions will require a product upgrade in order to work with Windows 10.  Total Defense customers with active subscriptions are entitled to free product upgrades during your subscription term.  Windows 10 compatible products can be downloaded from our Windows 10 Update Center at


If you’re using Total Defense version or lower on a Windows 7 or 8 machine, you should upgrade to the Windows 10 compatible version, before upgrading your system to Windows 10. The compatible version can be downloaded from our Windows 10 Update Center


If you have already upgraded to Windows 10 without upgrading Total Defense, and you have not received a Windows 10 Notification to reinstall Total Defense, you should re-install on your own as described in


How to determine the Total Defense version number you are running?

From within the Total Defense Security Center, select ‘My Help’ from the upper right corner, then select ‘About’. In the dialog that opens, check the ‘Security Center Version’ number. If it is, or lower, your version is not Windows 10 compatible.

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