My Settings Configuration

1) Click on "My settings."

2) There are 4 sections listed "Alerts", "Proxy", "Update Options", and "Update History"

In the Alerts section, you can toggle which alerts you would like to be notified of. 

High Priority: Lists the most relevant alerts to your security.

All AlertsWill alert all alerts regardless of relevance. 

Custom AlertsYou can choose from the list, which alerts to be notified of and be alerted of just those. 

Proxy: Allows the user to setup proxy server settings, detect, or specify specifically which server, port, and authentication should take place. 

Update Options: Allows you to setup when the updates can download to your computer. It defaults to automatically updates, and you can toggle to do not update, or setup a specific time to update.

 Update History: Lists when the updates happened and at what day and time. You can track the progress of your updates here

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