How Do I Add More Users To My Kids (Parental Controls)

Adding users to Total Defense My Kids (Parental Controls) is very easy. If you want to Edit/Remove/View any user, please CLICK HERE

1. Open Total Defense

  • Open the Total Defense menu and select Kids Mode


 2. Update Settings

  • Select the Update Settings option.


3. Click on the Settings tab

  • Select the Kids sub-tab.


4. Enter the Users name in the box 

  • For more information on how to set up a Windows User Account, CLICK HERE
  • Click the Start arrow.



5. Select from Standard or Windows User Account.


**For Windows User Account: CLICK HERE

  • If the user has an established account used to login to the computer, it is best to use this option to associate that user with this profile.


**For Standard user:

  • Enter a password for this user in the Set user profile password box, then press the Set button.


Both User Types:

  • Click on the Add Image button, browse for the image that you would like to have associated with this account.


**Note: This image is only used within the Total Defense interface and does not appear outside of the product.


  • Set the age group for the user by selecting it from the drop down menu.


  • Optional:  You can apply another users settings to this profile if you have already set one up and want to duplicate it.
  • Select the users name from the drop down menu


  • Press FINISH button




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