Identity Protection Settings

 Identity Protection

In this section, you can set how your Identity is managed, and what Total Defense protects. You can toggle, Identity Theft, My Identity, and Access.

 My Identity and Access have additional advanced settings. Click on My Identity to toggle what information Security protects. 

This will open up a view you can enter what information you would like to protect. In this example, I will instruct the program to protect my social security number. Click ADD to bring up the screen for data.

You will now have this view, which you can enter data for security. 

Now add the data that you would like to protect. Click ADD

You will now see your change in the next view. Click Save to add the data field. 

 In the Access section, you can toggle between Blocking Access to stored private information, or having a alert displayed before private information is released. 

There is also an advanced section. 

Click on Advanced and you will get this view:

You can now type what sites you trust to access. In this example, I will be adding a Trusted site: Type and select ADD.  

You will now see with the status of ask. 

Click on the arrow drop down to change this to Allow. 

You can now click Apply to save your changes.


You have now added this site to your list of Trusted Internet sites. 

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