Threat Settings

Threat Settings

Threat Settings Consist of 3 toggles, Auto Scan, and Advanced Threat Protection.


Auto Scan
-Scans incoming files, attachments for viruses. Monitors your system for Spyware installations. 

Advanced Threat Protection-This accesses the cloud during a Full, Custom, and all Scheduled Scans. All files are uploaded to the latest online TD Threat Research server. 

Scrolling down, you will find Scan Options

Here, you can check how you would like the scan to behave, and what to analyze. 

Scrolling down a bit more you will see the Advanced Threat Exclusion List. Click on Browse to add new files, or programs you wish not to be scanned.

This will pull up a list to choose from:

Click OK to add what program or file you would like to exclude. 

You can now see what has been added. Click Apply to accept. 

The final section is for Scheduling Scans:

You can setup what time the Schedules occur, and how often. You can also toggle whether the scans only during the idle times. Setup your times and click Apply to save your changes. 

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