Viewing The PC Tune-Up Report

1)Click on the Tune-up icon.

2)Click on view full report.

3)You will get a screen displaying the last scan report. 

4)If you click on show details, it will list individual results. 

List of Test Categories 

Junk files Test-checks the recycle bin, temporary files, and your internet browser cache(cached pages that you visited). 

Internet Test-This optimizes your internet connection, and browser behavior. 

Memory Test-Optimizes your RAM for all programs on your system.

Installed Software-Gives a chronological review of all software installed on the computer. 

Disk Composition-This shows a pie chart, listing how much of the hard drive is used for pictures, videos, and music. This also includes Windows system files, and other applications. 

Vulnerability Analysis-Checks for the most recent versions of software and checks to see if it needs to be updated.

Registry Test-Checks for the most recent versions of software and checks to see if it needs to be updated.

Free Space Test-This checks how much hard drive space you have left on your drive. We recommend at least 50 percent of hard drive space. Hard drive fragmentation can accelerate when you have less than 50 percent space on your hard drive. 

Top 10 Fragmented Files-This shows you the files that are the most fragmented on your PC and their location.

Fragmentation Analysis-Windows installs files and writes it to memory in pieces. This can impact your performance. This test tells you how much is fragmented.

SSD Optimizer- SSD-Solid State Drive Optimizer is designed extend the life of your SSD.

Drivers Test-This section tests your hardware drivers to determine if they are out-of-date. 

Large File Scan-This determines how many large files, fragments, are located on your hard drive. This can help isolate files that need to be removed or defragged.

Start Applications Test-This determines what applications launch at startup, and how necessary they are for your computer.

Services Test-These run in the background and can slow down boot times.

System Specs-A hardware/software rundown of everything that is installed on the PC. You can get warranty serial information here. 

Performance Tweaks Advice-This advises you on settings that can be adjusted to enhance PC performance.

Process List-This lists all active processes and show you how much RAM and CPU power they require.

Using reports can give you insight into what problems your computer has, and detailed information regarding them. 

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