Anti-Theft Mobile SMS Control

Note: SMS commands are sent as regular text messages and are therefore charged as such by your carrier. Total Defense Mobile Security does not charge any additional fees.

SMS commands are automatically enabled when you activate Anti-Theft on your phone. This allows you to send the following commands to your smartphone via SMS from any other mobile phone:

Locate: Send a message containing the location of the device to the phone number from which the command was sent. The message contains a Google Maps link which can be opened in the browser of the mobile phone.

Scream: Play a loud sound on the device speaker.

Lock: Lock the device's screen with the Total Defense Mobile Security PIN.

Wipe: Delete all data from your device. Important: The Wipe command works only when sent from the predefined trusted number.

Callme: Dial the phone number from which the command was sent with the speaker turned on. This way you can silently listen on whoever has your phone.

Help: Send a message containing all available commands to the phone number from which the command was sent.

Answer: Automatically answer the next call initiated by the phone number from which the command was sent. Note: This command is not available on devices running Android 4.1.

All SMS commands must be sent using the following format: bd-<PIN><command>

Note: The brackets indicate variables and should not appear in the command.

For example, if you have set the security PIN to 123456 and you want to receive a message with your phone's location, send the following text message to your phone number: bd-123456 locate

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