Activating Anti-Theft

To use Total Defense Mobile Security's Anti-Theft feature you must first link your device to a Total Defense Mobile account by logging in to the account from the app. To link your device to a Total Defense Mobile account, follow these steps:

  • Open Total Defense Mobile Security.
  • Tap Anti-Theft.


  • Tap Activate Anti-Theft.


  • Enter a name for your device so you can easily identify it and tap Next.


  • Link your phone with a Google ID or Total Defense Mobile account.


Note If you do not have an account, tap the corresponding button to create one. To log in using a Google account, tap the Use my Google ID option.

  • Tap Link. Once the Total Defense Mobile Security is linked to a Total Defense Mobile account you can enable the Anti-Theft features.

A three-step procedure will begin to help you activate them:

  1. Grant Total Defense Mobile Security device administrator privileges:These privileges are essential to the operation of the Anti-Theft module and therefore must be granted in order to continue. Make sure to read the information displayed before tapping OK, I understand and then Activate.
  2. Protect Anti-Theft settings with a PIN: To make sure any changes made to Anti-Theft settings are authorized by you, a PIN must be set for protecting these settings. Every time an attempt will be made to modify Anti-Theft settings, the PIN will have to be entered before the changes are applied.
  3. Set a trusted number: If your phone gets into the hands of someone who has no intention of returning it to its rightful owner, it is likely that the SIM card will be changed quickly. When a different SIM card is inserted into your device, Total Defense Mobile Security automatically sends a text message to the trusted number containing the new phone number. This way, you can send SMS commands to your phone even if the SIM card is switched and its number changes. The trusted number can be the number of someone you know, or the number of another phone you are using. You can type the number, or select one from the contacts list.

Important This is not a mandatory step, but it is recommended that you set the trusted number during the initial setup. The Wipe command works only when sent from the predefined trusted number.

Once Anti-Theft is activated, you can turn on or off Web control and SMS control features individually from the Anti-Theft screen by tapping the corresponding buttons.

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