How To Integrate My Kids Profiles with Windows Profiles

For complete details on how to set up a user profile in My Kids, CLICK HERE


NOTE: If the user has an established account used to login to the computer, it is best to use this option to associate that user with this profile. Linking the profiles will eliminate the need for the user to log into the software. The My Kids user profile will automatically be loaded when the user logs into Windows.



1. Integrating

  • Select the Windows User Account button.
  • Use the drop down menu to select the existing user that you wish to associate with this profile.
    • Note: If you add users to the computer at a later point, you can repeat these steps to add the user to Kids Mode.


  • When a user profile is set as a Windows User Account, the Microsoft icon will appear next the his/her name in the Edit current user profiles box.


  • Now you can be sure that the restrictions and permissions that you set for this user will be applied when they access the computer through their account.

All set!

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