Exclude Files From Scans

Exclusion Lists let you exclude applications you use or specific files or folders that you know to be malware-free from On-demand or Real-time scans. To set file exclusions, you can modify the Exclusion Lists for On-demand or Real-time scans.

Important! Use Exclusion Lists with caution. If you do not have a specific reason to exclude a file or folder from scanning, we strongly recommend that you do not experiment with it. Excluding files or folders from scanning can lead to virus infection.

1. Open Total Defense

2. Open My Security

3. Click on Update Settings

4. A new window will then open to the Threat Settings

5. Scroll down until you see the section titled Advanced Threat Exclusion List


6. Click the BROWSE button

7. Select the files you want to exclude on your computer through the file browser and click OK

8. Then click APPLY to save your new settings

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