How Do I View Websites That Have Been Blocked?

1. Open Total Defense

  • Open the Total Defense menu and select Kids Mode



 Important: You will need to login as administrator to access the reports.

  • Click on the Change User link.


  • To login as Administrator:
    • Step 1: Select Admin from the drop down menu.
    • Step 2: Enter the password for the Admin account. (This will be the same password created when configuring Kids Mode for the first time.
    • Step 3: Click the Login button.


  • Click on the Full Report button for the user you would like edit. (If websites are blocked for a specific user, the Full Report button for this user will show in red.)



  • Click on the History tab. (The Sites sub-tab will be selected by default)


  • From the drop down box, select Blocked Sites.


  • A list of blocked websites will be displayed. (You can also select Blocked URLs from the drop down to view the specific web links that are blocked within a website)


  • For more information on how to set up site filters, CLICK HERE
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