Program Permissions

If a program (or application) often communicates with the internet to send and receive information, you can configure this program’s level of access as illustrated below.


The program used for this illustration is TeamViewer.exe. This is a program used for remotely connecting to other computers. The program extensively communicates with the internet to complete tasks and updates.

To configure

  • Open Total Defense Security Center.

To do this, from the Start menu, select All Programs>Total Defense>Internet Security Suite>Security Center.

  • Click the Update Settings link in the My Security Panel.

  • Click the Program Access tab

  • Check the list of existing applications to see if yours is listed.
  • If the application is not in the list, click the Add trusted/untrusted application button.

  • Navigate to the location of the Install Folder of the program, and select the program’s EXE file. In this case, we browse and select TeamViewer.exe.

  • Hit the OK button.

  • To reset the applications settings click Delete, if you would like to make an untrusted application a trusted application select Trust


Tip. To allow all incoming and outgoing access to the program, simply add it to the Trusted Application section.

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