My Account Details Are Blank


Your account details on the Total Defense online store will show blank if:

  • You have a duplicate registration with Total Defense or,
  • You have not registered directly with Total Defense for your product.



Duplicate registration

If you have originally purchased your software under one e-mail address, you are automatically registered with Total Defense under the same e-mail address. If you re-register later with a different e-mail address, then you have a duplicate registration.
Please edit your profile to change your e-mail address to the new one. This will help you receive all renewals and expiration date details on your original account.


Retail purchase

If you have purchased the Total Defense product from a retail vendor like Best Buy, Amazon, etc., then you are required to register your program with Total Defense after the purchase. The registration form comes up as part of your installation. Registering with Total Defense enables latest virus updates, free web support, free upgrades, and renewal intimations at the end of subscription.


Third party purchase

If you purchased the Total Defense product from a third party vendor, your order details on the Total Defense website will not be valid. This is because, your vendor owns the invoice for this product. However, you own the software and one year subscription that you purchased; hence you will receive virus updates, support and notifications. Nevertheless, you will have to go back to your vendor for renewals.

If none of the above registration issues apply to you, please get in touch with our customer care team directly, using Further Helplines below, to help you fix display issues within your account.

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