My Kids Override Password (Parental Controls)

IMPORTANT: The override password is the Administrator password and should be treated cautiously.

The Override password is used to temporarily grant access to a website that has been blocked by the software.

Configuring Override Options


1. Login as Administrator

  • Select the Settings tab, then the Alerts sub-tab.



  • Override access restrictions for: (X) minutes.
  • The value in the drop down menu represents the amount of time the override will last.



What to expect: On every blocked web page, the user will be shown an Override button. If the user clicks the Override button and types the correct password, the web page can be accessed. Using this option, you can restrict the number of minutes the overridden page will be open to the user.

  • After override, allow access to (X):
  • Select either Domain or URL from the drop down menu. 

What to expect: If the user overrides a blocked webpage, (as described above) selecting Domain will open all web pages on the blocked web site. Selecting URL will allow access only to the currently blocked page, not the entire web site. If the user tries to access a different page on the same website, it will be blocked and the user will need to override again.


Additional Information:

After the Site Filters have been applied, when the user tries to access a webpage that has been blocked, they will see a page similar to this:



The webpage will always have an Override button across the bottom in a gray bar.

When the Override button is clicked, the user has an option to enter a password.

The override password is the Administrator password.


If the user enters the password correctly, the blocked webpage opens up.


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