Scheduling A System Scan Using My PC Performance

1)Click on the Tune-up Icon in the application. 

2)Click on schedule scan. 

3)Click on Schedule Event.

4)Use the Menus to tailor how you would like to setup your PC Tune-up Schedule Event. 

Menu Category Explanations

Frequency-This category tells the PC-Tune UP how often to run the Tune-up. 

Disk Optimization-This category does either a Partial or Full Optimization. The Partial only scans and optimizes the essential parts of your HD. The Full Optimization handles the entire drive.

Scan Benchmarks-This setting benchmarks your computer and ranks it against all machines nationwide. 

Update Vulnerable Applications-This looks for updates to applications that are vulnerable to attack, or that have older versions. The Tune-up software will attempt to auto-update these applications, or let you know which ones need attention. 

Start Date-This setting will start the Scan on the specified date you choose.

Drive-This setting selects which drive to Tune-up and scan. 

Update Drivers-This part of the Tune-up attempts to look for dated drivers and replace them with the most recent versions. If it is unable to find the driver or install, it will list the applications that need updating in the Report Summary. 

Email Results-This section will email a report to the designated email address you specify. Check the box to have a report sent to your email address. 

4)Click the Green Submit Button to save. You will see the new event listed. Click on Schedule event again to repeat the process. 

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