Anti-Theft Mobile Web Control

Note: All Anti-Theft features require the Background data option to be enabled in your device's Accounts & sync settings.

To access the Anti-Theft features from your account, follow these steps:


  • Click Anti-Theft in the Total Defense Mobile dashboard.


  • Select the device you would like to manage.


  • In the Actions section on the left side, click the button corresponding to the feature you want to use:
  • Locate_Button.png Locate - Display your device's location on Google Maps
  • Wipe_Button.png Wipe - Delete all data from your device Important -  After you wipe a device, all Anti-Theft features cease to function
  • Lock_Button.png Lock - Lock your device and set a PIN code for unlocking it.
  • Alert_Button.png Send Alert - Type a message to display on your device's screen and/or make your device play a sound alarm.

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