Total Defense Anti-Virus Common Install Errors

Guidelines to bypass common errors:

  1. Check System Requirements to install Total Defense Antivirus
  2. Make sure other Antivirus software is uninstalled completely. Click Here to remove any conflicting security software

 Cause: Two Anti-Virus programs running on the same PC will result in a system crash.

  1. Check if the previous version of Total Defense Antivirus is removed completely
  2. Please uninstall any Total Defense Anti-Virus older versions that you find in Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.
  3. After you’ve uninstalled, download a fresh copy of the Anti-Virus software.
  4. Run the downloaded setup file with your license key.
  5. Have the correct license key on hand.
  6. For information about where to get the license from, click here.
  7. There are some restricted locations (or invalid install paths) on the PC where Total Defense Security Suite products should not be installed.

 Cause: Security products in these locations will tend to make the system vulnerable (i.e., open to infection and hacker attack).

           To prevent this from happening, your optimal choice for Installation Path will be the default installation path that comes up during install.

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