Installation - Bypass Competitive Anti-Virus Product Installation Check


In some cases the ISS installer will not proceed and will claim that a 3rd party security software needs to be uninstalled, even after the 3rd party was removed. This could be due to uninstall leftovers or other issues. If this happens, you may bypass the pre-install check, and proceed with installation.


How to do this?

  • Locate the downloaded ISS installer file (for instance: unlimited_td_en.exe).


  • Using an extraction tool (Winrar, 7zip, etc.), right-click on the file and extract the package into a folder on your hard drive (for instance: ..\Downloads\unlimited_td_en).


  • Within this folder, open the ..\en\iss\x64 folder or \en\iss\x86 folder


  • From command line,  execute the setup.exe within this folder with -IgnoreOtherAV flag


  • For example: ..\en\iss\launcher\setup.exe -IgnoreOtherAV


  • This will bypass all 3rd party checks and install ISS
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